What’s more important….

The one phrase that has been playing on my mind. The Medium is the Message. Yes, I am still confused in what direction to take this, but like most, I am learning as I go. So, what does this phrase mean and where does it take us? Let’s start by breaking it down. When I hear Medium my brain takes me back to ‘Median’ from Maths (the middle number of a series of numbers in value order). Which in a way is related as the Medium as an adjective is seen as the halfway point. Although in this context the Medium (meaning the form) of how ‘the message’ will be perceived. Marshall McLuhan examines this ‘deliberately paradoxical statement’. McLuhan focused on the medium itself, and extended arguments that ‘the message has been less important than the medium of how people communicate.’ The meme above that I created reflects this theory of the importance of How the Medium is the Message. 


McLuhan, Marshall. (1964) Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. New York: McGraw Hill. (PDF)

4 replies on “What’s more important….”

Hey Tori! Your blog post contained such a personal touch which I loved to see, it’s refreshing to see a personal discovery in which you included. This really encouraged me to add more of a personal touch to mine as well. Your video was an excellent explainer too, the only thing I think you could expand on more is your meme. Perhaps unpacking it more in terms of it’s relation to the medium is the message topic. Besides this, excellent writing and I’m looking forward to seeing more :))

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Hey Tori, great post! I love that you walk us through your own thought process, it was a really unique angle and kept it simple and informative helping me to understand the topic better. I loved your meme, but don’t be afraid to make more and remember Ted’s famous quote when trying to make memes relating to the weeks lecture: ‘The best memes are never funny’.

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