THE Digital Artefact BLOG

Ok it’s only a MIND DUMP…

My ultimate goal with my Digital Artefact (DA) is to be able to encourage, inspire or even to help people. This can blossom through my sense for adventure, love for photography, fitness and sport. I’d like my DA to primarily be on INSTAGRAM as i’d like to think of it as my area of expertise.

1. The Ultimate Guide

My top contender for my DA would be the ultimate guide, being able to show people places to go, eat and visit, while making it extremely aesthetic and “instagramable”.

2. AFL Updates

My second contender is based off my love for the AFL, I though this would be a great platform to reach a different audience, while sharing updates, news, and live game scores.

3. Fitness & Healthy living

The last but not least contender would be a reflection on my love for the gym and not only help me stay motivated, but help others become motivated. This would happen by sharing workouts, meals (including recipes), and my favourite fitness influences.

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